Mr. Jimmy Lee - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Over 7 years of growth, One IBC limited has tripled its development in customer and incorporation services, all thanks to the dedicated leadership and vision of Mr. Jimmy Lee, the Founder of One IBC. At his early stage, he has envisioned a scalable business with a strong network between partners and his regional offices. Along with his expertise in customer service, he also developed a healthy relationship with international partners and which later fall into plan with the company's global strategy. Jimmy specializes in Incorporation services, management and leadership, partnership development and global strategy. All together bring the success that One IBC has today as one of the best Incorporation service provider in the world.

Mr. Didier Wong - Chief Operations Officer (COO)

As Chief Operation Director of One IBC limited, he is expert in offshore incorporation, financial services, and corporate services. Under his dedicated leadership, the teams have developed exceptional in customer services and knowledge base in many jurisdictions. Didier is committed to ensure daily operations running smoothly and on track with the BOD’s vision. He also pursuits in Compliance and Risk Management, which he is constantly informed about any changes in policies that might affect the business and his clients. Together, he contributes to build a strong and compliant business codes with transparencies in every process.

Irene LO - Director, Business Development & Strategy

Irene graduates from the Harvard Business School, and hold a prestigious Economic Degree. Combining his knowledge from Harvard studies and her extensive experiences with multinational clients, she has promoted growth and pursuited opportunities within the global business market. Since 2010, she joined One IBC as Chairman and contributed to the overall strategic plans. Her valuable assets are her vast insights of the challenges, prospects and competitions on the international stage presented by emerging markets and new technologies. Thanks to this, One IBC and its Board of Director have an international overview on what opportunities to conduct business, what risk should be mitigated, and what will be the future for the company.

Sze Chung Lee - Director, Tax & Audit

When mention about Financial Services and Tax strategy, Sze Chung Lee is always recognized. He joined One IBC Limited in 2010 and hold a Certificate of Certified Public Accountants from the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (the “HKICPA”). He also served as Deputy Managing Partner for our EMEA Area and has been responsible for delivering EMEA's markets agenda since 2011. He leads our team for all aspects from Compliance, Auditing, Tax strategy and other Finance & Audit services. In today's ever-changing tax environment, he committed to ensure our promptly and consistent services to all clients worldwide. His exceptional advice and strategic tax planning have help many our clients achieve their business goal whether to optimize tax, maximize investment, and/or stay compliant to different jurisdiction policies.

Bosco Ph - Senior Manager, Global Partnership

Joining in 2010, Bosco plays an irreplaceable role in One IBC family. He is well known for controlling the company’s global functions - ensuring every business units are closely connected together. He oversees the strategy and its execution for all globalized functions including: finance, corporate development, risk management, shared services, talent hubs and technology. He becomes the essential middle man between One IBC’s clients and partners across the globe. He is committed to provide excellent and transparent communication among the business channels. By working closely with everyone globally, he gained deep knowledge about the global business functions and able to advise our major global clients extensively.

John Chan - Senior Manager, Corporate Advisory

John Chan is one of our dedicated members and leads our Global Advisory practice. He can be recognized as our “business magician”, since his main responsibilities are supporting customers to transform their overall business performance. He has joined our company since 2008, and led the development of the solutions, methods, tools, learning and knowledge infrastructure. He has keen eyes to identify weakness and key problems that occurring on the daily basis. His expertises also expand further by reviewing the potential risks and monitoring business improvements. One IBC itself and its clients’ business can sustain their performance over time are all thank to his contribution and advise.

Jacky Hai - Senior Manager, Transfer Pricing

Jacky has specialized in transfer-pricing since 1996. With his unique skills and knowledge, he becomes an important player to protect our business model. He has dedicated experiences in the pharmaceutical, technology industries and FMCG. During his career, he has conducted a wide variety of complex transfer-pricing assignments for leading multinational companies across all industries. Therefore, he is alway eager to advise our Management team about potential risks coming from our business within and even the clients business. He also particularly focuses on transfer-pricing risk management and dispute resolution. With his contribution, One IBC and our global clients have saved a lot of capital, and avoid certain unnecessary lawsuits.