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Foreign businessman’s most favored jurisdictions - Belize and Cayman Islands

Updated time: 19 Mar, 2020, 14:17 (UTC+08:00)

Dear Valued Clients,

Another year of business has started, it is time to make the changes needed and move your company forward. Asset protection becomes more important as your business grows and to meet the demand for this vital aspect, One IBC is doing its best to offer our customers excellent incorporation service in multiple jurisdictions.

This month, we give out the promotional offers for incorporating a company either in Belize or Cayman Islands, all of which have the most welcoming foreign domicile incentives in the world.

Foreign businessman’s most favored jurisdictions - Belize and Cayman Islands

The campaign ends on 02 February 2020.

Services Fee (US$)
Company Incorporation Belize IBC - US$ 709
Belize LLC - US$ 800
Cayman Exempted - US$ 1,629
Cayman LLC - US$ 1,950
Banking Support From US$ 299
Virtual Office (3 months) US$ 477
Virtual Office (6 months) US$ 894
Virtual Office (12 months) US$ 1,632
Certificate of Incumbency (*) Belize/Cayman Islands - US$ 399
Certificate of Good Standing (**) Belize/Cayman Islands - US$ 399
Nominee Director Belize/Cayman Islands - US$ 699
Nominee Shareholder Belize/Cayman Islands - US$ 699
Packages Descriptions Gifts Promotion Code
1 Company Incorporation + Banking Support Discount US$ 100 1IBCB501
2 Company Incorporation + Banking Support + Nominee Director + Virtual Office (6 months) Discount US$ 200 + additional 2 months Virtual Office 1IBCC135
3 Company Incorporation + Banking Support + Virtual Office (12 months) Discount US$ 300 + additional 3 months Virtual Office 1IBCL951


(*) Certificate of Incumbency is required for the Banking Support procedure.

(**) Certificate of Good Standing is required for the Company Renewal process.

Term of Services:

  1. This promotion cannot be combined with any other sale, promotion, discount, code, etc.
  2. The packages above do not include the Government fee.
  3. The promotion offer is expired on 02 February 2020.
  4. Based on the given promotion codes, the corresponding reward money is implemented into the discount of the invoice’s total fee when you place your order of the chosen package.