Banking / Financial Institution

Our partners with HSBC, DBS, CIM, ABC Bank, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies and others, to offer our customers different financial services to enable customers to capture every investment opportunities and enable business to take place smoothly.

Banking / Financial Institution

 Business account services enable a business to transact its day-to-day affairs, able to use bank services such as standing orders and direct debits to pay water, electricity, business rates and other regular bills. The business arranges an overdraft limit with its bank and is permitted to borrow up to the arranged overdraft ceiling. Interest is only charged on the amount overdrawn each day. Cheques, credit cards and bank drafts enable a business to smoothly manage its day-to-day payments and transactions. Bank statements enable the business to keep a regular check on its accounting position.

The variety of financial institutions reveals the complex requirements of both borrowers and lenders. Banks, building societies, investment trusts and pension funds are just a few of the organisations whose job it is to channel funds to those that require them.

The main functions of financial institutions are:

1. To help businesses manage risks e.g. by providing insurance in the case of insurance companies.

2. To provide corporate finance as is the case with banks, or investment trusts, which enable lots of investors to own shares in a range of companies.