Advisory services


Currently, we are successful of over 7 different kinds of business resolution services. Each of them requires solid savvy to bring the customers the highest trust and the most satisfied outcome. For one kind of service, we have one experienced team to support all the issues from customers. We OneIBC will give out the briefest and most effective resolution for customers' demand. Some customers they do not grasp offshore' course of action, they are confused and wasted their time and budget to get the poor results. Therefore, let come to us OneIBC, we are willing to support you with free consultation service. Your successful business is our top criteria. These advisory services included:

  • Advice on the selection, establishment and maintenance of company or trust structures
  • Advice on the establishment and maintenance of foundations
  • Advice to clients seeking to establish or restructure international or offshore operations
  • Advise on market entry into China, Asia and Europe
  • Advice on matters relating to outsourcing and procurement in China
  • Corporate structuring, financial engineering and tax and VAT planning
  • Assistance with the implementation of trading, investment and other structures
  • Advice on domestic and overseas property ownership
  • Contractual matters, billing and other day-to-day affairs of corporate structures
  • Advice on utilising structures domiciled in high tax areas for international tax planning
  • Advice and implementation of business start-ups
  • Advice and implementation of cubicle/physical presence operations
  • Expertise in utilising double tax treaties.