Asian Trade

With rapid economic growth in Asia, we have repeatedly emphasized the importance and opportunities of rising trade in the region. Many Asian countries are undergoing major changes such as government transition and economic reforms. The giant investment appeal into Asia is long-term strategy for most of entrepreneurs around the world. Some economically strategic regions are well-known such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, and Cyprus.etc

For instance, there are no taxes on dividends for a Hong Kong private limited company. Hong Kong companies are only subjected to profits tax if profits are derived from Hong Kong at the rate of 16.5% of the net profits.

A simple company formation and legal framework: a foreigner may be the principal shareholder and director of the company. Entrepreneurship freedom, legal stability and no capital deposit obligation

Another case can be told for wealth investment is Singapore. It has a British based legal system and corporate law operates on the common law basis. Singapore is a signatory to a number of double tax and investment protection treaties which provide some tax planning and security advantages. A Singapore company with external investments that are correctly structured and administered may not be liable for tax on profits generated from activities conducted outside of the country.

We one IBC was born in Hong Kong. First, we have lived and worked throughout Asia, understand the law, culture and challenges of living and working throughout the region. Second, we do not seek to be all things or to accept work in areas where others may provide a better service. We will analyze your issue in confidence and if we believe your matter is unlikely to achieve the results you desire or others would represent you better we will so advise you.