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One IBC® and PayCEC Payment Gateway delightfully announce partnership

Updated time: 11 May, 2021, 17:02 (UTC+08:00)

One IBC® and PayCEC Payment Gateway are pleased to announce we have entered into a global partnership, combining One IBC®’s extensive experience in the corporate services provider consultancy field with PayCEC Payment Gateway's dedicated focus and expertise as a leading global online payment solution.

A brand new start for One IBC<sup>®</sup> and PayCEC

A brand new start for One IBC® and PayCEC

The One IBC® - PayCEC Payment Gateway partnership brings together extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in payment solutions to support worldwide clients in saving a great deal of time and fees when establishing new businesses anywhere on Earth, also get a foot in the door with a lot less risk to approach billions of shoppers in E-market. We will unlock the full potential of digital businesses and place our clients on the best path for success in the competitive online market.

“We are excited to partner with PayCEC,” said Tyler Wong, Vice Director of One IBC®. "Our greatest ambition is to grow our business globally but we need to take careful steps. By working with PayCEC, we have the chance to make Fintech possible as well as promote the transparency of the financial market across the world. Moreover, we want to help merchants experience our best payment solution which ensures the transactions are performed instantly and confidentially with the highest level of security. Furthermore, this partnership has opened up a new start and countless potential opportunities for One IBC®''.

About Us

For One IBC®

For One IBC<sup>®</sup>

One IBC® Group specializes in providing pre-incorporation p post-incorporation services to entrepreneurs, investors, business owners around the world, ranging from offshore company formation, banking support to accounting p auditing services. Having extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the corporate services provider consultancy field, One IBC® Group has been building and strengthening connections with clients and partners around the world for more than 10 years.

One IBC® Group has allocated our expert teams in major cities, namely: Hong Kong, Singapore, California, Irvine (USA), Vilnius (Lithuania), and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). In addition to these offices, we also have established 32 branches, representative offices, and associated companies in business hubs around the globe.

For PayCEC

For PayCEC

PayCEC was established in response to the growing need of businesses to accept online payments quickly and easily. In the new digital era, our payment flow has evolved to work seamlessly and effectively across all platforms and devices. We pride ourselves on combining superior technology with first-class customer service.

PayCEC is a truly global payments platform that not only allows customers to get paid instantly and securely but also withdraw funds to their business accounts in various currencies.

We have created an opened and secured payments ecosystem that entrepreneurs and businesses choose to firmly transact with each other online and on mobile devices. We proudly maintain the highest level of client advocacy in the industry.


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