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Bahamas offshore company formation

Bahamas IBC formation

  • - Solid history of having a stable and reputable government
  • - One of the top centers for offshore business
  • - There is no corporate income tax , capital gains tax and dividend tax
  • - Maximum confidentiality and anonymity
  • - There are no annual reporting requirements.

Ideal for Bahamas company incorporation:

Asset Protection Company
Asset Protection Company
Holding Company
Holding Company
International Trading
International Trading
Intellectual Property/Licensing
Intellectual Property/Licensing

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Bahamas company incorporation In 4 Easy Steps


1. Preparation

Request free company name search We check the eligibility of the name, and make suggestion if neccessry.


2. Filling

  • Register or login and fill in the company names and director/ shareholder(s).
  • Fill in shipping, company address or special request (if any).

3. Payment

Choose your payment method (We accept payment by Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or Wire Transfer).


4. Delivery

  • You will receive soft copies of necessary documents including: Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration, Memorandum and Articles of Association, etc. Then, your new company in a jurisdiction is ready to do business!
  • You can bring the documents in company kit to open corporate bank account or we can help you with our long experience of Banking support service.
Required documents for Bahamas company incorporation
  • Scan of Color Notarized Passport of each shareholder/beneficial owner and director
  • Scan of Notarized Address Proof of each director and shareholder (can be utility: Gas, water, electricity...bill, which must be in English and not older than 3 months. If it’s not in English, a certified translation is required)
  • Bank reference/ Reference letter from an attorney or a qualified accountant
  • 3 Proposed company names with ending suffix “Limited”, “Corporation” or “Incorporated”; or the abbreviation “Ltd”, “Corp” or “Inc”.
  • Usual Authorized capital is US$ 50,000 with par value US$ 1 (no minimum paid up)

Attractive Cost For Bahamas Offshore Company Formation


US$ 1,099 Service Fees

Bahamas Company Formation Fees

  • Done within 9 working days
  • 100% successful rate
  • Fast, easy & highest confidential via secured systems
  • Dedicated support (24/7)
  • Just Order, We Do All For You

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Bahamas company formation with the main characteristics

International Business Company (IBC)

General Information
Type of Business Entity IBC
Corporate Income Tax Nil
British Based Legal System Yes
Double Tax Treaty Access No
Incorporation Time Frame (Approx., days) 9
Corporate Requirements
Minimum Number of Shareholders 1
Minimum Number of Directors 1
Corporate Directors Permitted Yes
Standard Authorized Capital/Shares 50,000 USD
Local Requirements
Registered Office/ Registered Agent Yes
Company Secretary Yes
Local Meetings No
Local Directors / Shareholders No
Publicly Accessible Records No
Annual Requirements
Annual Return No
Audited Accounts Yes
Incorporation Fees
Our Service Fee (1st year) US$ 1,429.00
Government fee & Service charged US$ 850.00
Annual Renewal Fees
Our Service Fee (year 2+) US$ 1,299.00
Government fee & Service charged US$ 850.00

Scope of Services

International Business Company (IBC)

1. Company Formation Service Fee

Services and Documents Provided Status
Memorandum and Articles of Association Yes
Certificate of Incorporation (demo picture); Yes
Share Certificate Yes
Register of Secretaries Yes
Register of Directors Yes
Register of Members and Shares Yes
First Director Meeting Yes
First Share holder Yes

2. Government Fee

Certificate of Incorporation Status
Government Registration/License Fee Yes
Submission of application to the Registrar of Companies Yes

Download forms - Bahamas company formation

1. Application Formation Form

Description QR Code Download
Application for Limited Company
PDF | 1.41 MB | Updated time: 06 May, 2024, 16:50 (UTC+08:00)

Application form for Limited Company processing

Application for Limited Company Download
Application Formation Form LLP LLC
PDF | 2.00 MB | Updated time: 06 May, 2024, 16:57 (UTC+08:00)

Application Formation Form LLP LLC

Application Formation Form LLP LLC Download

2. Business Plan Form

Description QR Code Download
Business Plan Form
PDF | 654.81 kB | Updated time: 06 May, 2024, 16:59 (UTC+08:00)

Business Plan Form for Company Incorporation

Business Plan Form Download

3. Rate card

Description QR Code Download
The Bahamas IBC Rate card
PDF | 526.00 kB | Updated time: 07 May, 2024, 14:10 (UTC+08:00)

Basic Features and Standard price for The Bahamas IBC Incorporation

The Bahamas IBC Rate card Download

4. Company Profile

Description QR Code Download
Company Profile
PDF | 3.45 MB | Updated time: 08 May, 2024, 09:27 (UTC+08:00)

Discover our company profile to gain a deeper understanding of who we are

Company Profile Download

5. Sample Documents

Description QR Code Download
Certificate of Incorporation The Bahamas Sample
PDF | 6.19 MB | Updated time: 11 Jan, 2019, 11:57 (UTC+08:00)
Certificate of Incorporation The Bahamas Sample Download

Company Formation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Bahamas company formation

1. How do I start an offshore company in the Bahamas?

If you are planning to start an offshore company in the Bahamas, here are some thing you should know about:

The taxation system is the most appealing factor for starting an offshore company in the Bahamas. This country offers zero taxation for corporate tax, income tax, capital gains tax, royalty tax, dividend and interest tax. Furthermore, these terms apply to both resident and non-resident businesses on the islands.

The cost of forming an offshore company in the Bahamas is low, as are the expenditures of maintaining the company. It takes around 7 to 14 working days for your application to be processed.

Offshore companies in the Bahamas can enjoy a high level of privacy, which is optimal for asset protection and retaining confidentiality of personal information. Remarkably, The 1990 International Business Companies Act of the Bahamas prohibits the exchange of knowledge on companies in the Bahamas with any other country.

How to start an offshore company in the Bahamas with One IBC®:

1. Preparation

  • Request free company name search. We check the eligibility of the name, and make suggestions if necessary.

2. Filling

  • Register or login and fill in the company names and director/ shareholder(s).
  • Fill in shipping, company address or special request (if any).

3. Payment

  • Choose your payment method (We accept payment by Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or Wire Transfer).

4. Delivery

  • You will receive soft copies of necessary documents including: Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration, Memorandum and Articles of Association, etc. Then, your new company in the Bahamas is ready to do business!
2. How much does it cost to start a business in the Bahamas?

Apart from being an exceptional tourist country with stunning beaches, The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, commonly known as The Bahamas, is also famous for its attractive conditions to international investors who wish to start a business in the Bahamas. Here are all the steps and their associated costs to start a business in the Bahamas:

  1. Check for an available company name: BSD 25
  2. File the memorandum and articles of association: approx. BSD 650
  3. Pay stamp duty on the memorandum to the Public Treasury: starting from BSD 100
  4. File your company documents at the Companies Registry: BSD 1,000
  5. Get the National Insurance Number (NIN) from the National Insurance Board: 0
  6. Obtain a business license and VAT: 0

In comparison, the cost to start a business in the Bahamas is among the cheapest in the world. It is even lower considering all the benefits the country offers to international businesses here. If you are looking for a trusted corporate service provider to help you start a business in the Bahamas, check out One IBC®’s Bahamas company formation service.

3. Are bearer shares permitted in the Bahamas?

A bearer share is an equity security that is entirely owned by the person or company who carries the physical stock certificate. Since the share is not registered with any authority, the easiest way to transfer ownership is to present the physical paperwork.

When register a company in Bahamas, many businesses do not know if bearer shares are permitted in the Bahamas or not. To answer this question, the country used to allow bearer shares, but had eliminated them in 2000. All bearer shares prior to that have been recalled on June 30 2001. These changes were made in the International Business Company (IBC) Act 2000 as a repeal of the IBC Act 1989, with a view to improve the business law as well as gain trust from international investors. The Act also stated that there must be at least one shareholder in the company, and the beneficial owners of a corporation must be revealed to the registered agent, but they are not on public record.

The elimination of the Bahamas bearer shares has addressed issues of transparency raised by the FSF, FATF, and OECD in relation to the identification, recording, and dissemination of pertinent information about legal and business entities.

4. Is the Bahamas a tax haven?

The Bahamas earned its tax haven reputation due to its foreign investor-friendly tax and business legislation. This is due to the fact that personal income, inheritance, gifts, and capital gains are not taxed in the Bahamas. Other taxes, including value-added tax (VAT), property taxes, stamp taxes, import tariffs, and license fees are the source of income for the government.

Because of its reputation for stability, the Bahamas is an international hub for banking operations that attracts global financial organizations. Consequently, this attracts many companies and wealthy foreigners . With a per-capita GDP of $34,863.70 in 2019, the Bahamas are the third wealthiest country in the continent, after the United States and Canada.

5. How to know if the Bahamas is a tax haven?

No tax or only nominal taxes - Although the tax system differs by nation, all tax havens promote themselves as a place where non-residents may avoid paying high taxes by placing their assets or companies there. As a matter of fact, even well-regulated nations, although not classed as tax havens, still offer tax advantages to encourage foreign investment.

High information privacy - Financial information is fiercely protected in the Bahamas tax havens. The Bahamas have explicit legislation or administrative processes in place to protect information from international influence and spying.

No local residency - Foreign entities are usually not required to have a significant local presence in the Bahamas. Within its borders, there is no need to produce products or services, or to conduct trade or commerce as well as any local representative or office.

6. How to get approval for a business license in the Bahamas?

To get a business license in the Bahamas, non-Bahamians must first submit a Project Proposal to the Bahamas Investment Authority (BIA). Non-Bahamians must have a minimum capital investment of BS$500,000 outside of “Bahamians only” areas.

The BIA will examine the application and forward it to the National Economic Council for review as well as these Government Ministry or Agency depending on the nature of the proposed commercial activity:

  • Ministry of the Environment.
  • Ministry of Works and Transport.
  • Ministry of Housing.
  • Respective Family Island Local Government.

The BIA will notify the applicant in writing once a decision has been reached. They also collaborate with other government departments and support the project after permission is granted.

7. How to get a business license in the Bahamas?

A Business Licence Unit office (BLU) can provide the application form. Complete and submit the application form to the BLU, a Treasury Office, or a Family Island Administrator. This form also includes the registration of a business name. If the name is rejected, the applicant will be informed and directed to choose from the remaining options on the form.

These documents have to be attached to the application:

  • Identification papers
  • Appropriate Registration Fee
  • Other industry specific Approvals

The application is completed within 7 working days if there is no problem. The applicants will be contacted by the BLU to notify them that they may pick up their Bahamas business license.

The Registrar General Office is where public trading firms, limited liability partnerships, and limited liability companies register and obtain their certificate of incorporation. Then this is delivered to the BLU office.

8. How does the Bahamas tax system work?

The Bahamas has a relatively low tax rate. In summary:

  • Income, dividends, capital gains, wealth and inheritance are all tax-free.
  • There is a 12% VAT on nearly all products and services, with the exception of food and some medical services.
  • On real estate transactions over $100,000, there is a 10% stamp duty.
  • On owner-occupied real estate, an annual property tax of around 1.5 percent is levied.
  • Many items have import taxes ranging from 25% to 40%.

The Bahamas may appear to be a tax-free haven on the surface, but to actually benefit from this jurisdiction’s tax system, the help of a professional like One IBC® is strongly advised.


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