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The 6th consecutive year One IBC® is collaborating with OCBC Bank

2019 is the year marking 5 years of cooperation between One IBC® and OCBC Bank (Singapore), since 2015. Thanks to the continuous and effective cooperation process from 2015 to 2020, this year, One IBC® continues to receive the "Valued Partner" award from OCBC Bank. This is the sixth consecutive year that One IBC® has received this prestigious award, which is a recognition for the long-term and fruitful cooperation efforts between the two sides.

It can be said that this is a surprise and also a pride for One IBC®, as we have always strived to develop and achieve encouraging achievements over the years. This award is also the recognition and trust that OCBC Bank has given us.

As a result of the Great Depression (global economic crisis after World War I), three local banks in Singapore were forced to work together. And since then, OCBC Bank has risen, becoming the second-largest Financial Services Group in Southeast Asia, thanks to the second-largest asset in Southeast Asia.x
OCBC Bank becomes one of the most efficient banks in the world (According to Moody's assessment with Aa1 scale)

The 6th consecutive year One IBC® is collaborating with OCBC Bank

One IBC®, an international Corporate Services Provider, has been cooperating with OCBC Bank since 2015. Since then, the two sides have continuously adjusted policies to meet financial needs and benefits for businesses.
With the role of a partner, One IBC® has focused on providing the best business solutions and services to its customers, so that they can access resources and customers in the international market.
At the same time, One IBC® customers also enjoy many privileges from foreign jurisdictions’ incentives. Therefore, the success and prosperity of One IBC® and customers are always closely linked to the incentives from the financial services of the international market.

To continue growing with this business strategy, we continually update and improve our business rules and procedures. We will continue to work with OCBC Bank and many other trusted partners to always bring customers the perfect solution for establishing and operating businesses overseas.

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