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A magic package with UAE - save US$ 2,000

Updated time: 27 Apr, 2020, 09:56 (UTC+08:00)

Dear Valued Clients,

One IBC® understands that this is an unexpected time for everyone, but we believe that we are strong to overcome it. To remove all difficulties, create more advantages, as well as business opportunities in the UAE, One IBC® is offering a program "A magic package with UAE" for customers who are planning to establish a company in the Middle East.

A magic package with UAE - save US$ 2,000

"Open now, get more chances" - The program creates the support to the investment path of customers in the UAE, which becomes easier. Entrepreneurs and investors do not need to spend too much time and effort on complex legal procedures, but can still own a company in the UAE.

Through a magic package, entrepreneurs and investors will have more opportunities to start a business in the UAE with savings, simple procedures, and maximum support from business licenses, visas, medical insurance,...

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Promotion program rules:

  • Name of program: "Open now, get more chances"
  • Candidates: All businesses and customers of One IBC®
  • Promotion period: April 27, 2020- May 24, 2020
  • Promotion conditions: All customers want to open a business in UAE provided by One IBC®

Promotion Packages:

  • 1-year business license and establishment card
  • 3-year UAE visa and status change
  • Medical and Emirates ID

Additional incentives:

  • 25% discount on full dependent visa packages
  • 50% down payment, 50% after 6 months
  • Guaranteed fixed price for the first renewal.

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