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Special offer - Enter UK market with One IBC®

Updated time: 28 May, 2021, 17:00 (UTC+08:00)

The United Kingdom is the world’s leading financial hub with a highly developed social market. At present, the market has attracted a large number of commercial investments from investors and enterprises around the world and there are many customers who come to One IBC® to approach the UK market.

Understanding the urgent demand of our customers, as an expert service provider, One IBC® is here to give you strategic advisories and specialized services that can help you easily open a UK company.

This June, One IBC® would like to introduce you to a special offer “SPECIAL OFFER - ENTER UK MARKET WITH ONE IBC”, 15% OFF service fee of UK incorporation. We hope to be your trusted companion in the journey to enter the UK market.


Promotion code: 010621UK

  1. The promotion does not include or combine with other sales, promotions, discounts, etc.
  2. The service fee does not include Government fees.
  3. The promotion will last from June 01, 2021 to June 30, 2021.

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