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Private Client Services

Regardless, even you are a prosperous business owner, an aspiring professional entrepreneur, or an important executive, you and your family would face the universal challenge of protecting your wealth, legacy and pass on your family businesses and wealth to your successors and dedicate to the philanthropic causes.

To assist you in achieving your need of securing your wealth, One IBC® Group provides a variety of integrated services, including:

Structuring & Asset Protection

Structuring & Asset Protection

Trust & Foundation

Trust & Foundation

One IBC® Private Office

One IBC® Private Office

Our team of qualified consultants equipped

Our team of qualified consultants equipped with the essential knowledge is here to provide you with our well-developed and integrative strategic solutions for your personal or business needs either in the local or global context.

The more One IBC® Group operates, the more extensive and credible knowledge we gained of how to make the most of family trusts, corporate entities, charities and foundations to work for you and your family. We operate on an international scale so we can help you find the suitable opportunities present in different jurisdictions while assisting you with the compliance of local rules and regulations.

Contact us to grasp future opportunities for you and your family!

Our offered Services

Finance & Operations

A smooth and efficient support operation is the secret of every successful organization in which a family enterprise is included.

The support operation cover from financial accounting and report to risk management. Aside from our own network of professionals, we also collaborate with a variety of specialists for access to suitable solutions for most of the situations.

The main areas we covered are including:

Accounting, Auditing & Finance: bookkeeping, tax filing, company account preparation, payroll services, and the production of financial reports.

Risk Management: by working along with the external specialists to secure your assets protection, risk assessment, and mitigation.

Legal & Tax

There are challenges and risks the One IBC® knows families face when involving in the asset protection and planning.

By having a trusted adviser with a vast knowledge of various jurisdictions can assist to assure fully complete compliance with all of the obligations, assist in mitigating risk significantly as well as prepare for changes.

The following services we provided to assist our clients:

  • Planning: integration of legal and tax advice for current and new structures for optimization to accomplish the desired goals.
  • Asset Protection: keep any asset or investment efficiently by establishing the bespoke structures which include company formations, trust formations, foundations, and funds administration.
  • Asset Management: prepare and maintain current management, domiciliation, and assistance for all structures which include director-in-acting, professional trust protector and trustee(s).
  • Compliance Monitoring: ensure that regulatory requirements and reporting on time and up-to-date, adequately and efficiently across several jurisdictions.

Private Wealth

Every clients’ personal and family business situation is unique.

Thus, time is taken into account which allows us to understand your situation, personal requirements, and objectives for the future. Using the collected information, tailored structures suitable to your needs while tax-efficient are created by us.

One IBC®’s planning solutions include:

  • Private companies: used for asset holding, private trust companies, residential and commercial properties.
  • Private office service
  • Foundations: used for business, charitable and private wealth holding interests
  • Trusts: Charitable trusts, discretionary trusts, fixed income trusts, purpose trusts, etc.
  • Professional trust protector

The services we are providing include:

  • Advisory service on Trust & Foundation on how to utilize in the most effective manner
  • Provision of Trusteeship service, Secretarial service, the corporate or individual members of the Council
  • Provision of Registered office
  • Drafting, structuring and establishment support
  • General administration process
  • Bookkeeping, preparation, and filing of Tax return with relevant authorities (if required)

Contact one of our specialists for a more detailed discussion of our Private Wealth service.

One IBC® Private Office

One IBC® Private Office

Every client expects their own private family offices to be available with a full range of services and at One IBC® Private Office, we provide the services you need that are reinforced by three of our principles: confidentiality, trust, and fiduciary.

Many of the most desired jurisdictions where the commerce, families and international business gather are covered by our operations. The focus of our services is to give our clients the best from both worlds which is why we continuously refine our understanding of the matters including the synergy between business and private wealth, along with the ability to shift our focus from a corporate to a private point of view.

By using just a single contact point, you will have accesses to our team of qualified professionals that able to support you by clarifying and coordinating your affairs around the world whether it is your personal or business matters

If you already are operating a family office or in the process of setting one up, our team can either assist your business in the areas that require supports or look for access to a broader and more extensive range of resources while retaining the level of discretion and confidentiality required.

Our services are further divided into four areas that are suitable for a typical family office structure:

  • Finance & Operations
  • Legal & Tax
  • Private Wealth
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