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PayPal is a trusted partner of One IBC®

Updated time: 31 Jul, 2020, 11:01 (UTC+08:00)

With more than 10 years of operation in the field of providing international Corporate Services, One IBC® has continuously developed and expanded its business scale, to meet the increasing demands of customers.

ONE IBC<sup>®</sup> is a trusted partner of PayPal

In the supply chain of services for businesses, One IBC® cannot ignore the payment step from thousands of international clients and partners. Therefore, we always need a reputable, fast, and safe international payment partner for all our customers. After many choices, One IBC® has decided to "choose the gold deposit" with PayPal.

Every day, we have dozens of customers paying via PayPal, and all show absolute satisfaction. Each year, the number of our customers making transactions via PayPal keeps increasing but we have never received any inconvenience. Therefore, our customers increasingly believe in the transparency and professionalism of One IBC®'s services.

In addition, just seeing the PayPal logo displayed on the One IBC® website, One IBC® customers feel more secure and trustworthy. They do not hesitate to pay for the bills because of the simplicity, convenience, and security of PayPal. Some customers said they believed in PayPal because of the fast processing rate and above all, their full financial information is not shared when they paid for services from One IBC®.

The story of One IBC®'s spectacular business journey is posted on PayPal's official websites and other media channels. Detailed information about the story of One IBC® with PayPal is posted on the links below:

With long and reliable cooperation with PayPal, One IBC® is committed to and believes that we will continue to bring our customers the best quality of service and great experience when using the services of One IBC®.


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