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The advantages of tax for incorporating a company in Belize

Updated time: 10 Aug, 2020, 14:29 (UTC+08:00)

Belize is located on the east coast of Central America and it is also known as "the strategic backdoor of the United States" and "a small USA". It is the only country in the Central America area whose main official language is English. Furthermore, it is the only place in the world that has a Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Free Trade Area Of The American (FTAA), and a European Economic Community (EEC).

The advantages of tax for incorporating a company in Belize

Because of treaty agreements Belize has and the government incentives for foreign businesses and entrepreneurs, Belize quickly becomes one of the most popular jurisdictions in the world for offshore companies. Belize is considered by many businesses around the world as one of the offshore tax havens due to various benefits and features offered which attract more foreigners to come here.

If the foreign businesses plan to open a company in Belize, the business owners will have many choices of business entities. The famous corporate structure in Belize is the International Business Company (IBC).

A Belize offshore company offer the following advantages:

  1. Tax benefits. What is the tax rate in Belize?

    Any offshore company in Belize will be exempted from the local taxation. The tax exemption such as corporate income tax, capital gain tax, dividend tax, and stamp duty,... In addition, the business owners also gain tax exemption when transferring different assets, even if they are the company or individual asset. This is also a reason why Belize is a “tax haven” jurisdiction for foreign businesses.

  2. The fast incorporation process

    Quick and easy are the demands of foreign businesses for setting up oversea companies. In particular, in other jurisdictions, the process for opening foreign companies often takes many days, even many weeks. However, in Belize, the process for offshore company formation with One IBC® can be 24 hours.

  3. No accounting and auditing required

    Belize IBC does not need to file an annual tax return at the end of the year. Moreover, businesses do not declare assets or disclose financial statements.

  4. Directors and shareholders

    Belize offshore companies need at least 1 director and shareholder. As a foreigner can take both director and shareholder position.

  5. Belize is a member of the Double Taxation Treaties

    This agreement allows the business owners to avoid paying double income tax in Belize and a country where they are living.

  6. English is the main language that will create more convenience for foreigners in communication while setting up a company in Belize.

  7. The US dollar is widely used in Belize. It is also seen as the common currency for doing business activities in this jurisdiction.

  8. Confidential information of directors and shareholders

    Setting up a foreign company will require higher information security. This is why Belize is a popular country for offshore companies because of its confidential information security for business owners. In fact, Belize's International Business Registry (IBCR) does not require businesses to disclose company information such as the name of a director, owner, or shareholder to them.

Offshore companies in Belize will bring to the business owners many benefits. The incentive taxation system is the most attractive to the overseas owners who come and set up business here. This is really an ideal place to start a business as thousands of businesses around the world have set up companies at BVI

One IBC® has the experience and deep knowledge in supporting the clients for setting up foreign companies. With advice from the experts, the clients can feel secure and satisfied with our services. All necessary documents will be done very fast to help foreigners to start their business as soon as possible. In addition, during the operating of companies, One IBC® always supports to customers to get other necessary documents such as the opening account, good of standing, company renewal,... in Belize and other countries based on the clients’ needs.


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