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The role of IT infrastructure development and IT advisors in today’s businesses

Updated time: 05 Jul, 2022, 15:48 (UTC+08:00)

1. Why is IT infrastructure development important?

Nowadays, nearly every aspect of business is powered by technology, from daily tasks of an individual to the operations of a big corporation. Therefore, IT infrastructure development plays an important role in a company, because it can improve communication, create efficiency, and increase productivity when properly functioning.

If a company's IT infrastructure development is stable, it can assist that company achieve its objectives and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Businesses may encounter low productivity, bad connection, and security errors, such as system failures and breaches, if their IT infrastructure isn't correctly set up.

Sometimes, recommendations from professional IT advisors are needed for business to ensure smooth operations. It can be said that the success of a company is partly determined by how well its IT infrastructure is implemented.

Businesses are seeking recommendations from IT advisors and building development teams.

Businesses are seeking recommendations from IT advisors and building development teams.

By building development teams specialized in IT sector, a company can:

  • Ensure that customers have ongoing access to the company's website and online store.
  • Rapidly develop and launch new solutions to market.
  • Collect real-time data & quickly make decisions.
  • Boost its employee and business productivity.

2. What types of infrastructure development can a company apply?

The components of IT infrastructure consist of interconnected pieces. In which, hardware and software are the 2 main types of components. To function, a hardware system relies on software engineering, such as an operating system. On the other hand, an operating system is in charge of managing system resources and hardware. Operating systems also use networking components to connect software to physical resources.

Below are some types of infrastructure development that a company can apply to promote its business activities:

Hardware system

Hardware system can include below components:

  • Desktop computers
  • Servers
  • Data centers
  • Hubs
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Facilities

New hardware can speed up a system that is working efficiently. To save costs for your company, you can call out to IT advisors and they'll scan your machine and give it a clean up so you get the most out of any hardware upgrade.

Software engineering

Software components can include:

  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Operating systems
  • Web servers

By improving software engineering processes, you can boost the performance of your company by saving time managing data and quickly making decisions.


Facilities or physical plants are used to house networking devices, servers, and data centers. It also includes network wiring in office buildings that connects IT system components. So, upgrading company facilities is one of the most popular types of infrastructure development that a business can apply.

Company Network

Switches, routers, hubs, and servers are parts of a company network. Switches connect network devices such as routers, servers, and other switches in LANs. Routers connect devices on different LANs and allow them to communicate and exchange packets. Hubs connect multiple networking devices to work as a single unit.

By enhancing the company network, your customers and employees can access your system quickly. For example, low-latency networks can reduce the delay of data flow.

Improving hardware system and software engineering are 2 main types of infrastructure development

Improving hardware system and software engineering are 2 main types of infrastructure development


Server is a critical part of a company’s hardware system. Servers are computer programs or devices that allow multiple users to share and access resources. Short server downtime can minimize business disruptions and reduce system downtime in order to keep costs low and earnings high.

Server rooms, often known as data centers, are the place where an organization places multiple of its servers. Most networks are built around data centers.

3. What do IT advisors do?

An IT advisor is a 3rd-party consulting company or an individual consultant in the IT sector. This type of advisor assists a company's IT infrastructure development with technical issues. IT advisors are often hired to serve as mentors to internal IT workers and to provide expert guidance on the most up-to-date technology practices. They also help with long-term communications strategy, strategic planning, and capacity building.

One IBC<sup>®</sup> can be a supportive IT advisor for your business

One IBC® can be a supportive IT advisor for your business

An IT advisor assists its clients in maintaining and upgrading hardware systems as well as software engineering. These consultants can help you plan and execute a system upgrade or overhaul. Basically, an IT advisor can be hired as a consultant to help direct anything that an IT professional could accomplish on staff.

Typically, organizations will hire IT advisors during the planning stages of a technology transition. The consultant assists in the formalization of a strategy plan, the establishment of a budget, and the conceptualization of future technology requirements. Another common application of an IT advisor is to assist in the integration of a sustainability plan into a company's IT framework.

Technology is always changing, sometimes even on a daily basis. Therefore, building development teams for your in-house IT department or seeking advice from IT advisors are effective ways to keep up with these changes. For startups, opportunities always come along with challenges, so using technology as a kind of support to enhance your business skills and opportunities can be a great way.

In case you need IT support on the way of doing business, please feel free to contact us - One IBC® - the leading international corporate service provider.


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